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Opera Madness!

Posted May 15, 2011 at 2:21pm

To those out in the ether, welcome to opera madness time.  I just recently wrapped up assisting the lovely Jane Cox on the Double Bill at Juilliard Opera.  It was a very fun time, and everyone at Juilliard is surprisingly nice and awesome to work with.  I'm now working with Natalie Robin on Mitridate re di Ponto for Little Opera Theater of New York.  I'm working on the Spring Showcases at Robert Edmunds Middle School down in Brooklyn.  They're fun kids to work with, and I'm particularly looking forward to designing the dance department evening.  And then after that it's off to Shakespeare on the Sound, and working with Keith Parham.  Which should be loads of fun, seeing as how he's one of my favorite people.  So that's the happenings for now, I'll let ya know what else is coming up.  

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