Amanda Clegg Lyon: Lighting Designer


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  • Director Philip Shneidman
  • Theatre little opera theatre of ny
  • Lighting Design Amanda Clegg Lyon
  • Scenic Design Neil Patel
  • Costume Design Lara de Bruijn
  • Co-Lighting Design Natalie Robin
  • Photographer Tina Buckman

"Philip Shneidman’s direction took a sensible middle ground between the lively realism of “Scholar” and the stylization of “Savitri.” It was an effective move to imagine “Savitri” as the confrontation of a creepily Victorian Death and a contemporary couple, aided by Lara de Bruijn’s clever costumes as well as Neil Patel’s elegantly minimal set and melancholy lighting by Amanda Clegg Lyon and Natalie Robin."

-Zachary Woolfe, The New York Times